Choice Jobs

The Choice Jobs Program provides vocational services through a supported employment model. Choice Jobs provides community- based vocational services including a job readiness curriculum, paid on-the-job training experience and job placement. The Choice Jobs Program provides a full array of services including: job assessment, preparedness, placement and retention.

The Components

Curriculum-based Job Readiness Training

The Choice Jobs Program provides job readiness training through an intense series of interactive workshops with the assistance of community volunteers from Maryland’s work force. The curriculum is based on multiple experiential units of study including: vocational assessment/aptitude, interviewing skills, job search and job retention.

On-the-job Training

The Flying Fruit Fantasy Stand (FFF) in Camden Yards provides paid on-the-job training experience for youth during the six month baseball season including entrepreneurial training and leadership development during the away game stretches. The Flying Fruit Fantasy Kiosk at the Inner Harbor operates year round, providing youth the same paid on-the-job experience. 65 youth will successfully obtain paid on-the-job training and intensive job coaching in a supportive and competitive work environment with a focus on: timeliness, teamwork, customer service, sales and leadership. Youth also have an opportunity for on-the-job work experience through placement in a paid internship in a community business while receiving support from both Choice Job Fellows and an on-site mentor from the placement organization.

Job Placement & Support

Choice Staff work with The Choice Jobs Advisory Board and community businesses to place youth in non-subsidized jobs. Staff provide on site job coaching and other supports as needed to promote job retention.