Vision, Mission & Values

Envisioning communities where youth make choices that strengthen their lives, their families, and their world.

Strengthening communities through innovative, family-focused strategies that connect youth to opportunities for positive choices.

Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, and habits become our character.

Strengths Based Inclusivity
We believe that people can change and transform their lives given sufficient resources and support. We believe in a bottom up approach to social change. We strive to include youth and families in decision making that impact the services we provide.

We practice mutual respect in creating an environment of teamwork where acceptance and dignity are experienced by all. We are responsible and accountable for our words and actions. Stewardship
We are dedicated to and strive for excellence in everything we do. We encourage that same excellence in our partners. We are committed to effectively utilizing and developing our resources.

Learning and Growing
We seek to build a culture of learning that fosters a driven learning community, where we learn from experience, each other and the communities we serve. We believe people are our greatest resource and invest in their growth, developing leaders and agents of change through service-learning.

We are open and honest in all our activities and communication. We strive to conduct ourselves with the utmost clarity and directness, so that others will always know where we stand and can hold us accountable.

We reflect and respect the voices, experiences and interests of diverse cultural and social groups. We strive to eliminate the disproportionate minority confinement among the youth in communities we serve that prevent their participation in our communities.