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...where our service members, youth and staff share what it means to be a part of the Choice experience.

This annual event, funded by the Marguerite E. Casey Foundation, brings together the community to engage families and build strong cross-issue networks.

About Choice

The Choice Program is a community-based, family-centered case management approach to delinquency prevention and youth development. Focusing on providing support in at-risk environments, The Choice Program empowers youth and engages families through a multitude of services adapted to individual needs. The program seeks to foster resiliency in young people by promoting protective...

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Our Services

  • Intensive Advocacy
    The Maryland Department of Juvenile Services refers youth to The Choice Program who are in need of intensive ...
  • Choice Jobs
    The Choice Jobs Program provides vocational services through a supported employment model. Choice Jobs...
  • Choice Education
    The Choice Program was selected to conduct a pilot based on the philosophy of providing community-based, in-...